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Here’s an “interview” I conducted for Dan Harris’s ABC series, AMPLIFIED, with a friend who just put out a terrific LP titled Marnie Stern, and a dog named Fig. We did it on their couch, on the Upper East Side. Dan Harris invited me to play the role of Dan Harris for a session, as he often does my friend Jessica Suarez. I suggested we feature Marnie, as she and I tend to discuss all manner of things, serious and ludicrous, musical and emotional alike. (A fair reflection of both our characters, really.) On this morning I was pensive and somber for various life-reasons, and for better or worse, that informed the tenor of this talk. Now, to speak with Marnie and not leave room for her hilarious synaptic gymnastics takes certain skill (read: lack there of). But as a result our “real talk” gives a glimpse at another side to Marnie, one that shapes and elevates her new album and makes her such a compelling artist and person. And that’s worth something? I was off my game, thankfully she never is.

We talk about this song. It’s thematically appropriate. And a serious jam. 

Marnie Stern - Transparency Is The New Mystery (MP3)

Also if you are not, check in with dispatches from Marnie’s vagina (regarding her tour, presently underway) at vajamming.blogspot.com. Those are certainly worth something.