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DJ Dodger Stadium are the duo of Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy, forward-thinking dance music producers from Los Angeles who are also the founders and bosses of the ascendent LA electronic music label Body High. They joined me on REVOLT Live to talk about their movement, and their great debut full-length Friend Of Mine. Watch the interview above, catch up with the drone-assisted videos for lead-singles “Love Songs" and "Never Win.” They’re great.

And they’re playing The Echo in LA tomorrow night! And Cameo in Williamsburg on July 25th. Highly recommended. 

Here’s a news report I delivered about Orange Is The New Black on REVOLT TV. (Aired July 2nd, 2014)

In remembrance of Michael Jackson, I interviewed Bill Whitfield, co-author of Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days

Whitfield is a former police officer who spent two-and-a-half years working on MJ’s personal security detail, spending 24/7 with the icon toward the end of his life. As such he was direct witness to Jackson during the most cloistered period of his life. Watching Whitfield relay these stories of MJ’s fleeting moments of normalcy is a deeply moving, and oddly heartwarming, experience. For all the ways you can connect with MJ ephemera, through Whitfield you’re able to feel the man. 

Aired on REVOLT TV on June 25th, 2014, the fifth anniversary of MJ’s passing. I wrote a bit more about the interview and book at revolt.tv.

Sad news of deaths coming out of Glastonbury this year. Here’s my news report about some details and police response. Aired Friday June 26th, 2014 on REVOLT TV. 

The BET Experience is happening this weekend in Los Angeles. Here’s a news report I delivered about it on REVOLT TV. 

A one-minute news hit I delivered on REVOLT TV about Michael Jackson’s legacy, on the fifth anniversary of his passing. Aired June 25th. 

Really loved having Jason Flom as my guest on State Of Music this week. He’s served as CEO of Atlantic Records, Capitol Records, and Virgin Records, and he now runs Lava Records, via which he brought us Lorde. The man shared insight that turned heads at the network that day. Thanks to him for a great conversation. (I wrote some more about the interview at revolt.tv, though you can just watch it above.

Michael Keaton stars as a washed-up super-hero in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman, a film which could quite possibly fulfill a deep cosmic need for Keaton to return to some sort of form, and exist in our lives again in some sort of way. It’s a promising, a promising cast (Zach Galifianakis, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Amy Ryan, Naomi Watts, Andrea Riseborough), I’m going to choose to believe. Out October 17th. 

Björk’s voice on this new Death Grips track injects an instantly familiar, melodic, and comforting dimension to the anarcho-punk rap duo’s usual collagist quagmire of terrifying/brilliant beat-blasted bile. Which is to say: How nice is this Death Grips x Björk collab! A zig where they’d otherwise zag, a soothe where they’d typically seethe. Bjork’s voice is on every track of Death Grips’ newly released niggas on the moon, a collection of songs which you can hear/download in full, and which is the first half of a double album called the powers that b. (The second half is called jenny death, and out later this year on Harvest/Third World.)

Excited to have my brother in dosa, Anand Wilder, join me on REVOLT Live today to talk about his new musical Break Line, and update us on Yeasayer. (I’m co-hosting the entire episode, too.) 2PM PST // 5PM EST on your TV! 

Yeasayer’s Anand Wilder, a good man with whom I have eaten a lot of dosa, will be my guest on REVOLT Live tomorrow, to discuss his new musical Break Line, which features many people I know and adore from my old neighborhood. Here’s a bit I wrote on the musical in a Music Report on revolt.tv

Anand Wilder is a man of many talents: Yeasayer member, producer, and dosa hunter. And now, to that illustrious list of accomplishments, we can add “composer of a musical,” as he and co-composer Maxwell Kardon have finally completed their long gestating, all-star piece entitled Break Line The Musical, a work they began in 2008 and are now set to release. In addition to taking inspiration from the Byrds, Gram Parsons, musical theater, and “an old folk song taught in Quaker schools in the ’50s” to create a “classic story of betrayal, pride, and lost love,” Break Line exists as a sort of snapshot of a certain scene within the Williamsburg independent music community circa 2011, featuring contributions from members of Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Dirty Projectors, Man Man, Suckers, Dragons Of Zynth, Delicate Steve, Kishi Bashi, and more. “Wedding Day” is the first listen, a campfire folk acoustic number which quickens its pulse as it stomps, with a tinge of psychedelia. Break Line The Musical is out July 15th via Secretly Canadian in the US, and on July 14th everywhere else via Mute.